The way that you carry your Handbag makes a bigger statement than you might anticipate.


Carrying your bag in a certain way reflects certain things about you and your personality. You may not know it but that accessory you’re carrying can really impact the way you are perceived. We take a close look at the most common bag-carrying styles and what that means to the outside world.


The nook

This is a favorite holding position for professional ladies, especially those who are fashion conscious. The bag is obviously on display and can be viewed instantly from most angles.

When the bag is held just like this, it is often at the front, which projects confidence as the front of the human body is clear of barriers. You regularly see women in the spotlight holding their bags this way, including the Queen.

The nook carry your handbag

Perhaps it is because they do not actually carry much inside them, so they are used as more of an attachment that matches the outfit as a whole.

TOP TIP: In almost any situation, projecting a confident, upright posture is really important. Aim to stand straight with your shoulders back, and you’ll instantly send the message that you’re in charge. They key is to imagine squeezing an orange involving your shoulder blades — this will help bring back your shoulders and down-projecting an extremely confident posture. Don’t be rigid on your moves – the key is to look relaxed and calm. Whatever the situation, a first date or a job interview, you’ll project assurance.


The tuck

You’d usually carry your bag in this manner if the fashion of the bag needs it, like a clutch. But when a girl tucks a bag that has handles beneath her arm, it sends signals that she is relaxed and not overly concerned with her appearance.

Best TIP: The bag should not be gripped too tightly or squeezed against the body because this may send a sign of insecurities or nerves.

The tuck how to carry your handbag

What Handbag Size Conveys

Size matters. Some women carry a distinctively small purse which likely contains little over a lipstick and credit card. This sort of bag, dainty, beneath the arm states “I am a jet-setter. When I travel, I don’t require anything longer than my charge card.”

The size of your handbag

However, today’s hottest bags are enormous, Hummer-like, with plenty of embellishments, grommets, and rings. Very rock and roll. As you are probably aware, Hermes created a bag specifically for her, and that bag’s resurrection was THE tote last year. This type of large luxury tote borrows the rock and rock mindset and says “I will take care of myself.”


The Color of Your Handbag

Let’s talk about color. Vibrant color handbags and accessories are often designed for young girls, but lots of ladies love colour also.What do the colour choices mean for women? Is there anything specific a handbag color reflects about the woman carrying it?

The colour of your handbag

If you like colour, go with color… but definitely believe what the colour does for you. If you don’t look good in olive, but you love the colour and are mad about an olive green bag – go for this, but select a handbag that has a little strap, which means you’re not wearing the color next to your skin. A vibrant bag can make an outfit, but too much can be too much better.


The dangle

Aside from that not being the most practical method to carry your handbag, it communicates a feeling of insecurity. Holding your bag in front of you acts as a barrier to the rest of the world and placing your arm across your body also sends a sign of self-doubt.

Of course, these signals are contextual rather than always accurate for every girl and every circumstance. It’s only if a girl carries a bag in a certain way habitually, that’s when we can draw conclusions on her personality.

The dangle, how to carry your handbag


The shoulder

A woman who does not utilise her bag to hide the front of her body is usually very confident as it ensures that the solar plexus is clear of any objects. When you carry your handbag on your shoulder, the message you’re sending is that you don’t feel the need to hide behind anything.

It’s also practical as the bag is out of the way and leaves both hands free to get on with what you’re doing. A large bag also indicates practicality, you have a busy life and are ready for any eventuality since it can carry an array of items from a notebook to make-up and gym shoes

Carry your handbag off the shoulder

The catch

It requires some practice to pull off this look effortlessly. It indicates a woman who cares a lot about the picture she’s projecting and indicates one of two things about herself.

The first is confidence, especially if the bag is held to the side. This helps to exhibit her purse with no obstructing the rest of the outfit.

On the flip side, to carry your handbag in this manner, very near the body, can act as a relaxation’shield’, which can project signs of nerves and insecurity to the external world — particularly if clutched tightly at the base.

The catch to carry your handbag

We all know that a handbag can make or break your outfit, but the way you carry your handbag can change the perception of you in ways you hadn’t even realised. Of course, the way to feel confident and unstoppable everyday is to have a handbag that is a bona fide show-stopper. You can get your hands on one of your very own simply by clicking this link and browsing our incredible range of luxury designer handbags.


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