The History of the Gucci Logo

The Gucci logo inspires thoughts of indulgence and luxury like few others in the world. For nearly 80 years, Gucci has displayed its double-G emblem, working to make the logo a logo for high-end quality and also a proud stamp of their company’s approval. Although did the planet’s best-selling Italian manufacturer wind up designing a logo that would have over 80 decades of remaining power, and exactly what role did the organisation’s emblem play in elevating Gucci to such a high degree of prominence? To answer them, we will look at the history of the Gucci emblem in addition to the origins of this brand.

The history of the Gucci logo

While working at a hotel in Paris and London, the man that would later go on to found Gucci, Guccio Gucci, became amazed at the high-quality luggage that he brought up for the guests. In 1920, Gucci returned to Florence and opened a small store selling fine leather goods. In his store, Gucci employed skilled artesian craftsmen who hand-crafted the products he sold with utmost attention to detail. The store was a success, also with the help of his sons, Gucci quickly expanded the brand by opening up new stores in Milan and Rome.

From the 1950s, Gucci had established itself as a premier luxury brand new. Movie stars posed in Gucci apparel, the wealthy and famous all sought out Gucci goods, and the newest actually began to set itself apart as the primary name in luxury fashion.

Now, Gucci has a revenue of $4.3 billion and is the best selling Italian manufacturer on the planet. At one stage, Gucci goods were the most often reproduced products in all the world, inspiring more imitators than oft-copied brands such as Rolex.

Given all this, it’s simple to state that Gucci has a long and illustrious past, but what role did the iconic brand’s emblem play in this, and what’s the history of the famous Gucci emblem?

The Gucci Logo Story

In 1933, Gucci’s son, Aldo Gucci joined the family enterprise. Up until this stage the company had operated with no kind of official logo; however, Aldo set out to change that. In designing a logo to your new, Aldo joined the initials of his dad into a double-G design. So as to leave no question about the origin of the emblem, the Gucci logo is most frequently seen with the title of the company spelt out above it.

Over time, this double-G emblem grew to become recognisable around the globe. Products stamped together with the Gucci emblem were bandied everywhere, and scam artists seeking to make a fast buck worked hard to mimic the emblem on their own, replica products. Today, the Gucci logo is still immediately recognisable by anyone with a taste for luxury fashion.

The Gucci logo story

Interestingly enough, regardless of the importance and longevity of the emblem, Gucci almost dropped the rights to it. Thanks to a little ambiguity from the UK’s intellectual property laws, Gucci’s UK trademark on their famous logo expired in 2012, and the company failed to renew it. The error left them unable to defend their claim upon the logo and opened up the doors for other fashion brands to legally imitate it. In a situation that showed just how significant the emblem is to Gucci’s branding, the company took the problem very seriously, fighting to maintain their trademark on the emblem and stating that”Gucci’s reputation could suffer damage by institution with a non-luxury or very low-cost fashion brand.”

Regrettably, for Gucci, they lost the case, leaving them without a trademark on their emblem in the united kingdom. Nevertheless, this one mishap has done little to tarnish the long, illustrious history of the Gucci logo.

Design Elements of the Gucci Logo

Design elements of the Gucci logoDesign elements of the Gucci logoThe Gucci logo isn’t instantly recognised as being two letters put together, which is part of what makes it a fantastic design. It’s a design that as a decorative appeal that goes beyond the significance of both funds Gs.

But these two Gs stay as an important tribute to the man who started it all. Undoubtedly this was what Aldo Gucci had in mind when designing the logo to add his father’s initials.

The Gucci logo is usually displayed in gold, a nod to the luxury and extravagance of the Gucci brand. The emblem also gets the Gucci name spelled clearly out over the double-G logo, ensuring the reorganisation of the emblem and showcasing the significance of the name.

Popularity of the Gucci Logo

Popularity of the Gucci logoAmong the biggest testaments to the popularity of the Gucci logo is the fact that it seems on what many believe to be the most fashionable pieces of clothes and accessories in the world. When those who can afford to wear whatever they need opt to wear something that’s adorned with all the Gucci logo you understand the emblem must have some degree of appeal and popularity.

The quantity of work that imitators put into copying the Gucci emblem indicates the importance of having the logo appear just right.

Lastly, the popularity of the Gucci logo can be easily seen by its longevity. While there is definitely some amount of excitement associated with altering your logo frequently (like is carried out by firms like Google) there is also something to be said for a logo that has survived the test of time, along with the test of time is one the Gucci logo has passed with flying colours. The logo has existed for over 80 years, and it would be no shock to see it about for a second 80 more. So long as the prestigious Italian brand continues to be the king of the luxury fashion business you can depend on their iconic double-G emblem remaining in prominence.

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