Move over, Gucci, Fendi’s all-over signature print is fast becoming ubiquitous.

Fendi taking on the fashion worldThere is no question that the top luxury fashion houses are currently locked in a logomania arms race of sorts. To start is Gucci: Ever since Alessandro Michele took creative control of the Italian tag in 2015, he has incorporated the old-school monogram to his collections in countless ways, making it a must-have for anyone who wanted to flaunt their in-the-know status (or their capacity to pay for a $500 emblem T-shirt). Then there was the notorious Louis Vuitton collaboration with Supreme for Fall 2017, which afforded several monogram products, including scarves, denim jackets, luggage and more that triggered an instant frenzy.

In addition, Dior’s recent attempt to court millennial shoppers has resulted in everything from branded bra straps into a Dior Addict T-shirt, a nod to the J’Adore Dior tees which were popular with celebrities in the early naughts. Lately, Dior revisited its vintage monogram, seeding influencers with things in the recognizable pattern and, in turn, resulting in a sudden resurgence of this brand’s saddle bag.

Aside from the all-over emblem prints, high-end labels like Balenciaga, Versace, Off-White, Burberry and Chanel, combined with mass market ones such as Tommy Hilfiger, Champion, Adidas, Fila and more, have emblazoned knits, sweats, bags, etc., with the name of the brands, a movement that just helps to grow awareness in an already saturated market, but also one which caters to what young clients want. With the prevalence of streetwear, particularly Supreme, and the urge to display their goods on Instagram, the new wave of logomania will continue to swell in the seasons ahead. But which brand will come out on top?

Fendi Double-F Zucca

Over the past few weeks, we have discovered that Fendi’s classic double-F Zucca printing has been everywhere. Karl Lagerfeld surely got the memo that kids nowadays are all about the logos, and the Italian house, primarily famous for its luxurious furs and leather products, has gone full speed ahead with the monogram.


On the Spring 2018 runway in Milan this past year, Kendall Jenner mimicked a cropped fur jacket in the print, establishing what would eventually turn into an Instagirl coup. Both Gigi and Bella Hadid (who had been the faces of Fendi at 2017) have been photographed by paparazzi with all-over Zucca prints incorporated in their looks.

And let’s not overlook the mega influencers! Danielle Bernstein and Chiara Ferragni have posted on Instagram in Fendi emblem knits and coats, likely inspiring at least some of the countless followers to strike up The RealReal or a local consignment store with the expectation of locating a similar vintage piece at a reduced price. Though the dark brownish Fendi monograms skew a bit older than Gucci’s ubiquitous versions due to Michele’s whimsical use of colour, texture, artistry and its bizarre, magical aesthetic, we have a sense that will not stop customers from clamoring to get their hands on them.

Fendi On The Runway

Fendi on the runwayIn Milan, Fendi’s Fall 2018 collection made its runway debut, and it included a logo-print apparel, leggings, trench coat and intarsia fur shirt that reveal the home’s dedication to the subject. If there’s one “It” bit that comes from Milan, we’re thinking this will function as one. No disrespect to Michele, however, Gucci’s reigning series in the logomania race may be coming to a block come autumn.

After we believed the all-over Fendi logo trend hit fever pitch, not only did Nicki Minaj release her new record “Chun-Li” sporting a Fendi ensemble on the cover, Kylie Jenner also took her infant daughter Stormi Webster to an outing in fitting mommy-and-me Fendi. (Just look at the stroller!) If you’re likely to invest in logomania for spring, then your very best bet is probably Fendi — at least if you would like to emulate the “It” women (and babies) of the moment.

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