The Luxury Designer Bag Resale Market Is Currently Ablaze.

Buying a luxury designer bag is much more than a vanity thing. Some classic Chanel bags, for instance, can now be sold for nearly twice their original selling price. Although most exclusive luggage will reduce a certain amount in value with the time, there are still many luxury brand bags to purchase that will enable you to at least break even once you choose to resell. Wondering which variables help determine the worth of designer handbags? This week our fashion specialist, Stefania Filizola shares 5 variables to look at when determining the resale value of purses.

This is possibly among the most important facets. Each brand has a their own unique status and level of desirability on the present market. Specific, iconic models or uncommon handbags will always fetch high prices. There are some brands which are likely retain more than 70% of their original retail price, especially top luxury brands such as Louis Vuitton, Chanel, Hermès or even Goyard. This is, nevertheless, also heavily dependent on scarcity and interval. The rising media effect, such as popularity amongst influencers and current revamps of brands like Saint Laurent, Givenchy, Stella McCartney or Gucci can also increase resale value considerably.


Factor 1: Material

Substance also plays an integral role in shaping the worth of the bag. Leather bags usually are of a greater value than fabric or synthetic leather totes. Exotic leathers are often more expensive and heavier than many others. For exactly the identical model by the same brand, made of a different material, you’ll be amazed to discover the massive effect its substance has on the last selling price.

Materials of luxury designer bags

Factor 2: Condition

Visible signs of tear and wear will have a significant impact the final price. Catawiki uses different grades to classify the state of the bag, so as to provide a proper estimate. These grades are as follows.

bag grades

As a result of some good a ‘bag spa’, we can always bring back the original splendour of the handbag by investing a reasonable amount of money into recovery.

Factor 3: accessories

Adding complementary accessories along with your handbag may often increase the value in regards to selling. Accessories may range from locks, keys, dust bags, pochettes and many other items that can separate a luxury designer bag from others in the market.

Luxury designer bag accessory

Factor 4: Origin & verification of purchase

The original box, receipt, certificate, serial number label or other papers associated with the authenticity of the handbag will certainly add value for it and also certainly will make the appraisal and the sale much quicker. It’s always good to keep these, especially in the event that you intend to offer your bag in the future.

Designer bag serial number

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